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Chase Pollinator Initiative

The goal of the Chase Pollinator Initiative is to create safe habitat and food sources for local pollinators. In addition, projects will increase local biodiversity, provide public education on the topics of climate change and environmental protection, and connect local residents with their natural surroundings.  


This is a multi year project that will begin in 2023 and will expand in subsequent years. We will work towards local food security by supporting individual families in creating their own gardens with information and resources. In addition, we will establish plans and systems that will result in the creation and long term sustainability of community gardens, a community food forest and pollinator gardens. We will offer many opportunities to educate community members on both the importance of pollinators and how to care for them. 

Willson Park Food Forest

The under-utilized area of park space at the entry to Wilson Park is an ideal location for a Food Forest Demonstration Garden. It is a flat turfed space, orientated to a south facing solar path, with access to water and is just the right size (38’ x 123’) to support an ecological learning garden of both domestic fruit and berry cultivars, as well as native plants support species.


The proposed space integrates perfectly with the park area access and community garden location, providing a wonderful opportunity to engage the community in food sovereignty, environmental education, integrated natural systems design, and regenerative practices and principles of ecological services. The space is located between a seniors housing complex and the elementary school providing an opportunity for intergenerational exchange of knowledge and hands on learning for the Chase Young Learners, school programs and the village community. There is also a creek and riparian area located to the south west and park area that supports local flora and fauna biodiversity.

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